County levy decreases

The Mille Lacs County tax levy for 2012 will go down a half percent from 2011.

Back in September the Mille Lacs County Board approved a preliminary levy of $14.948 million, a one percent increase over the 2011 levy.

But, after a Dec. 6 meeting at which public comment was taken, a half-percent decrease to $14.726 million, from $14.8 million this past year, was proposed.

County commissioners adopted that proposal at their Dec. 20 meeting.

County Administrator Roxy Traxler said the decrease stems mainly from the elimination of four positions, either from retirement or resignation.

There were also fewer dollars budgeted for capital expenditures.

The budget for 2012 is $28,471,928.

The breakdown for that budget: $12,933,256 for the general fund; $1,319,627 for the debt service fund; $5,597,760 for the public works fund; $8,421,285 for the community and veterans services fund and $200,000 for capital projects.