County unceremoniously approves use permits

Mille Lacs County Times

County commissioners gave approval at their Jan. 3 meeting to four recommendations from the county’s planning commission after its December meeting.

All four items – three conditional use permits (CUP) and one interim use permit – were passed unanimously with little discussion.

There was no written correspondence or public comment concerning any of the CUP requests.

Charles Niles was granted a CUP to build a dwelling in Kathio Township adjacent to Onamia Lake, which is designated a natural environment lake.

The special protection shore land district requires a CUP for constructing a single-family dwelling.

Daniel and Patricia Remund were granted a CUP to allow several accessory structures without a dwelling in Kathio Township.

They plan to construct several carports and a sun porch on the property that is used for recreational camping.

Jerry and Phyllis Wheeler were granted a CUP to allow an accessory structure without a dwelling on property in South Harbor Township.

They plan to build a storage building across the street from their home.

The interim use permit was granted to Wex Companies, (DBA Septic Check) to use an existing dwelling as an office, and for cold storage in existing accessory structures, all in Hayland Township.

The permit is valid until Dec. 31, 2021, or until Septic Check sells the property, whichever occurs first.

There two comments from the public at the planning commission meeting.

Ken Unger, Ogilvie, asked how the property would be taxed.

Michele McPherson, director of the county’s Land Services Office, answered that she didn’t know if it would be taxed as commercial property. But, she said, it will be taxed as non-homestead since there is no one living there.

Daniel Mack, Mora, asked if a new driveway would be built because he was concerned about the loss of a large white pine that has been used as a section corner marker.

Brian Koski of Septic Check said there would not be an additional driveway.