City workers get pay raise

Unionized Princeton city employees will receive a 1 percent pay raise for the first six months of 2012 and an additional 1 percent in the last six months. That equates to an average raise of 1.5 percent for the year in the agreement announced at the Jan. 12 city council meeting. The two unions are the Law Enforcement Labor Services for police officers, and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees for the other non supervisory city workers.

City employees did not receive a pay increase during 2010 and 2011 other than if an employee was moving up a step under the city’s pay guide.

The negotiated agreement also includes that all of the city employees are agreeing to a 40 hour furlough from work without pay during 2012, a practice begun in 2009 to help the city budget.

Under the health insurance part of the agreement, it was noted that the premium went up 9.5 percent so that the total annual premium for employees classified as familiy will be $1,038.55. The family employee is to pay $361.35 of that, and the city is to pay the remainder. The premium for single employees is paid entirely by the city.

City Administrator Mark Karnowski noted that the city nogotiates a dollar amount rather than a percent amount for who will pay of the premium for family employees. If it was a percent amount then the city could end up paying too much of the premium in the future, he explained. Also under the new pay contracts: Any city employees reaching their five years of highest annual wages or salary, may pay the Public Employee Retirement Association fund the contribution that would have gone into it had there not been a furlough. The city will reimburse those employees for that amount.