Funeral homes won't provide county services

Funderal director Reese Hultman

Mille Lacs County Times

Reese Hultman, funeral director for Peterson-Johnson Funeral Home in Milaca, told county commissioners at their Jan. 17 meeting that the four funeral homes in the county will decrease their services for county-funded funerals.

Noting that the county turned down a request for an increase for professional services in 2011, while approving a small increase for the cost of caskets and vaults, Hultman said there was no choice but to limit the services provided for such funerals.

(Mille Lacs County spent $33,357 on such funerals for indigent residents in 2011.)

Hultman said he could understand the county trying to hold the line on expenses but noted that elected officials recently received salary increases, as well as new positions being approved for some departments.

“You are not doing it [holding down spending] across the board,” Hultman said.

For the full story, see the Thursday, Jan. 26 print edition of the Times.