Art-Tastic: Rebecca Plante

Editor’s note: During the month of February the Union-Eagle will feature high school artists. This is the second in a four-part series.

Art is usually as unique as its creator.

In the case of Rebecca Plante, the artist is as unique as her art.

The St. Paul native, who is enrolled in Princeton High School’s Painting I class, makes no secret of the fact that she paints for herself.

“I paint for fun. It helps me tune in my emotions,” the PHS senior said. “I don’t paint for others, I paint for myself.”

But her emotional connection to her work stops when she puts down her brush.

“I paint for myself, but I don’t keep my art for myself,” she said. “If someone says my art is good, I’ll probably give it to them,” Plante said.

Plante has completed Drawing I, Drawing II and Pottery I. But her interest in art is rooted in a past that dates back far beyond her high school years.

“My Mom’s side of the family is real artistic and when I was in elementary school I always felt that I was not able to do a great job when it came to art,” Plante said.

But she enjoyed art — and kept at it.

Plante can find inspiration for her art even when inspiration might be the farthest thing away.

Take her painting shown with this story, for example.

Plante had a recent portrait assignment and had no idea who to paint.

That’s when her subject Mike Donehey of the Christian rock band 10 Avenue North began to be put to canvas.

“I was in the art room with my iPod on. He was on my iPod so I decided to paint him,” Plante said.

Her goal is to continue to have art in her life as something she enjoys.

“I want it to be my own thing,” she said.

That’s why Plante isn’t considering a career in an art field.

“I want to go to Concordia College in Moorhead and study something in the medical field,” she said.