Hanscom wins spelling bee with “Exteroceptor”

It took 11 rounds to choose the winner of the annual spelling bee at Princeton Middle School last Thursday.

Princeton Middle School eighth grader Kelsey Hanscom smiles after being informed by the spelling bee judges that she has won the spelling bee conducted inside the school’s media center.

In the end, eighth grader Kelsey Hanscom won it by correctly spelling exteroceptor. The word stands for a sense organ, such as an ear or nose, that is excited by stimuli outside the body.

Eighth grader Hannah Johnson earned second place and she and Hanscom will go to the regional spelling bee Feb. 15 at St. John’s University at Collegeville near St. Cloud. Seventh grader Elizabeth Friend was chosen as alternate after a 15-minute spell-off between Friend and seventh grader Jack Radke.

All of the students in the middle school’s three grades, 6-8, were able to take the initial 40-question spelling test.

From those nearly 800 students, the 30 top scorers from each of the three grades were selected for the spelling bee.