Art-tastic: Nikki Tutland

It’s important to remember someone you have lost.

When Princeton High School senior Nikki Tutland lost a dear friend, she turned to art.

Tutland creates jewelry and created a dove pennant as a symbol by which to remember her friend.

Tutland says she has always been creative.

“I’m really good at making things with my hands,” Tutland said.

Art is a very expressive medium for Tutland, and she enjoys working with pottery and sculpture. Jewelry-making is similar to pottery work or sculpture because she first has to create her art in a mold.

“Creatively, when I make something, I usually like it to be over the top,” she explained.

Tutland emerged as an artist in middle school.

“I drew a little, but in middle school I found that I was good with making things out of clay,” she said.

Some of her favorite jewelry projects to date have been a ring highlighting a breast cancer awareness ribbon, a peacock feather and an outline of Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Maurer batting.

Tutland was born and raised in Princeton and is a member of the PHS girls gymnastics team who just earned all-conference honors last weekend. She looks to carry her artistic abilities into the professional world — but in a different medium.

She hopes to go on to cosmetology school where she will trade in her work with clay and sculpture for hair, nails and makeup.