Art-tastic: Cody Black

Cody Black has always liked to draw and doodle.

But it wasn’t until his sister Bobbie Black complimented his work that he gave art a serious thought and enrolled in a high school art class.

Cody, an 11th grader, is now in his first art class and is studying pottery.

Why would a doodler be in a pottery class?

“Because I get to work more with my hands and create,” he says.

His first project is the vase pictured at right.

He was inspired by a history class and incorporated symbols and a design that gave his art an old, Egyptian kind of feel.

Making the vase came easy to Cody, he said. But at the same time, making his first creation was an experience that he learned from and will result in future art projects being even better.

Cody has also recently finished making a bowl on a pottery wheel and was currently working on a piece of pottery originating from a slab.

Cody, who is originally from Blaine, moved to Princeton three years ago.

He is planning his future with the same confidence in which he thinks out his art work.

After high school Cody plans on continuing his education with plans for future employment as an underwater welder.