Murder charges filed after man found unresponsive

Third degree murder charges have been filed in Mille Lacs County after a 24-year-old male died  Feb. 18 from an alleged heroin overdose two days earlier at a home in Onamia.

Arvid Robert Haugen was found in his bedroom unresponsive by his girlfriend Amy Lee Trunk February 16.   When sheriffs deputies arrived at 11974 Quail Road. Haugen was unresponsive, not breathing, and cold to the touch.

Officers had observed a small amount of what they believed to be heroin in the house prior to the Onamia Ambulance taking Haugen to the Hospital.

Sheriff Deputies and North Central Minnesota Drug Task Force Members continued to gather information and interview individuals for the past week learning that heroin was brought to the house, and after receiving the heroin Arvid went into the bathroom and came out a few minutes later after taking the heroin and went to the bedroom, was on the bed, and was snoring.  Shortly thereafter he was found unresponsive and cold to the touch.

Haugen was ultimately transferred to St Cloud Hospital where he died February 18.

Lindgren reports that deputies were able to track down individuals that bought and sold the heroin and arrests have now been made in the case.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.