City Council briefs: Ordinance sets wastewaterfees

The council passed ordinance no. 680 which sets fees for high-strength wastewater going into the city’s wastewater collection system. The ordinance was passed in recognition that certain types of effluent require extra cost to process at the city’s wastewater treatment plant. High-strength wastewater would be effluent that exceeds certain levels of biochemical oxygen demand, nitrogen, phosphorous or total suspended solids. The fees are set on a per pound basis.


Update on push for community to renovate civic center

The council reviewed an advertisement that it plans to run regarding the council seeking people to serve on a committee to renovate and preserve the deteriorating city civic center. The ad calls the building historic, referring to its construction a few generations ago by a local outdoor sportsmen’s group.

The civic center is in need of reroofing, replacement of doors, windows, carpeting, cabinets and kitchen appliances, and retrofitting of the stone fireplace with a gas-burning insert to burn gas instead of wood and relining of the chimney. Other listed needs were the stripping of walls and ceiling and then insulating them, upgrading the lighting and electrical systems, installing a heating and air quality system, making the rest rooms compliant with federal regulations, and bead blasting, repairing and painting of the building exterior.

The city is also asking if anyone has more information or photos regarding the history and use of the civic center. People can contact city hall at 763-389-2040 if interested in helping with the renovation project.


Squad car approved

The council approved Princeton Police Chief Brian Payne’s request to purchase a modified 2012 Ford Edge utility interceptor vehicle for the police department. The cost will be $25,309 under the state fleet purchase contract price system, plus the cost of equipment for the vehicle including a digital camera that Payne estimated would cost about $6,000. The total price of the vehicle with equipment should come in just under $40,000, Payne said, noting that $40,000 is budgeted in the city’s capital improvement program budget for an equipped squad car. The squad car that will be replaced has about 120,000 miles and to keep it running would require investing $5,000 more in repairs, Payne said.


Lions Club request approved

The council approved the request by the Princeton Lions Club for the city to give the club five $20 gift certificates out of the city’s Princeton Wine & Spirits off-sale liquor fund. The Lions mission includes sight and hearing programs and community charities. The gift certificates are to be used in the Lions Club’s March 24 spring raffle.


Beacon to be repaired at airport

The council authorized spending up to $500 at the recommendation of the city airport advisory board to repair the beacon at the airport. Administrator Karnowski, who manages the airport, noted that a repair worker had commented not too long ago that the beacon was not repairable, but that another technician later reported otherwise. The spinning beacon assists pilots in finding the airport.