Support Nagle/Kane in upcoming election

This letter is in response to a letter in last week’s paper regarding the upcoming Baldwin Township election. The letter writer, a retired township employee, has a very biased opinion of the current and former town boards.

He referred to the former boards — of which I was a part — as bickering, fighting boards, not getting much done.

Because of word limitations I can’t list them all but here are some of past board accomplishments: bought property and built a new town hall, equipment garage, fire station, salt/sand shed, paved miles of gravel roads, initiated developers’ agreements, established engineering standards for roads, started the fire department (which, by the way, was supposed to have an annual budget of $105,000 and is now $200,000 plus), started our own snowplowing program which meant buying a lot of equipment, and got Kermit Young to donate his former home place to the township. We did all of that and still kept taxes low. I still feel that I did a good job for the taxpayers and owe apologies to no one.

Now to why I think Chuck Nagle and Tim Kane would be excellent Baldwin board members.

I don’t know any individuals who do their research better than these guys. If you want to know why they did such and such, they will have a very clear explanation as to why it should be that way. I know they wouldn’t have purchased a $250,000 fire truck that sat unused in the fire station for a year because it wasn’t equipped properly, they wouldn’t have purchased and be paying monthly subscriptions for iPads for all of the board members, they wouldn’t be proposing a one-plus million dollar bonding bill to rebuild part of 136th Street, they wouldn’t be talking about a loan or bonding bill to build a Baldwin sewer system.

If that is what you residents want, re-elect the current members!

Their supporters are also so desperate they removed the signs of support for “Nagle/Kane” from my driveway and tipped over my garbage containers last Sunday night.

I’m not accusing the incumbents of doing it but there is some reason that type of person wants them back in there. I’ve also heard of other signs in the township being vandalized. Please vote Nagle/Kane on March 13.

Jess A. Hall


Former Baldwin board member