Letter: Allegations will not stand

My heart is heavy concerning the article that was in your paper a couple of weeks ago,  “ Day-care provider facing criminal charges.”

This is a family that has been devoted to the care of both children and adults for many years, they take cases that no one else wants and give them a safe home and loving environment. They have devoted 24 years of their lives to helping others in need. They are loved and respected by scores of people in the community and have raised wonderful children of their own.

Less than a year ago they lost their youngest son in a tragic automobile accident and are still dealing with that loss, and now this article appears on the front page of your paper. I would stake my life on the fact that most of these allegations are not true, and allegations are all they are. How very sad that they should be subjected to this kind of publicity and slander when they have not even gone to court over the allegations. I know that the people who know and love them will stand by them and know that Mary would never do anything to harm anyone. Mary does run a “tight” ship, she has to. Many of the children under her care need to learn responsibility in order to function properly in society and God has given her the love and foresight to help these children heal and move forward into their adult life. Is she strict? Yes! Has she made mistakes? Yes, and who hasn’t? Is she a child abuser? Absolutely not!

Both Mary and her husband Tom are wonderful “Born again Christians” and their hearts’ desire is to please, honor and respect the Lord God. They will neither lie nor shy away from telling the truth. Would I personally entrust them with any member of my family? I would. Would I without hesitation recommend their home for any child that needs a safe home and environment? You bet I would.

I personally know both Mary and Tom’s parents. They are from wonderful Christian homes themselves. They were taught from early childhood what good parenting looked like and what God expected of them as parents themselves. I have talked with Mary and know the heartache and pain this has caused both her and her family but we know that God is the victor and we will continue to stand by her and pray for her.


Anne Myers