Civic Center built in 1954

It was incorrectly stated in a story about the city civic center in the Feb. 9 Union-Eagle that Joe Whitcomb was an uncle of Princeton City Council member Paul Whitcomb. Joe was Paul’s grandfather. A couple readers had issues with the story’s estimated date of construction of the civic center, and who all built the civic center’s fieldstone fireplace. The date of construction given in the story came from a local resident who was part of the Tri-County Sportsmen’s Club that constructed the building.

A story in the Oct. 21, 1954 edition of the Princeton Union states that the Tri-County Sportsmen’s Club conducted its first meeting “in their new clubhouse” (now the civic center) on Monday, Oct. 18, 1954. Princeton native and current resident Joe Hanson said last week that his father Leland Hanson and Andrew Bullis and Charles Mitchell built the stone fireplace that remains in the building. The director of the project to construct the building was carpenter Joe Whitcomb. Paul Whitcomb had said at a city council meeting that Joe Whitcomb had helped build the fireplace. When Paul was asked more about that last week, he said that was the story that had been handed down through the generations in his family.