Letter: Proud of woman for talking on issue

I was proud of Becky Johnson for speaking out on the city ordinance (regarding residing in garages).

As Carol and I have been working on building a model for the city of Princeton to be a sustainable community, we believe the actions taken by the city diminish the “life and dignity of the human person.”

We believe the sustainable community model should include the community being able to raise and distribute it’s food and energy as well as provide its residents with shelter and transportation.

With all the facts not known, it appears that Ms. Johnson tried to solve the problem of shelter by creating a temporary residence in the city by the means that were available at the time. It also appears that the residence was safe and was providing the tools to bootstrap the occupants to help them get on their feet.

Maybe an inspection to ensure the residence’s safety and an ordinance to require the approval of the immediate neighbors could have protected the life and dignity of the individuals as well as showing the welcome mat for our community.


Doug Marshall