Letter: Shame on Union-Eagle for story

Twelve years ago I went through a foster care training program as I have wanted to be a foster mom since I was a young girl.

I will never forget the warning from our trainer. She said to take a percentage from each paycheck and put it in an account for legal fees as every foster parent will in their career face malicious allegations. She stated that unlike professions with malpractice insurance or union representations, foster parents are in the same legal category as day-care providers, substitute teachers, stepparents, nursing home employees and personal-care providers.

These are categories with no third party legal representation! She stated that these jobs are all just one allegation away from ruining careers, lifelong callings and cause huge financial burdens for these families. She explained that all it takes is one disgruntled employee, a parent that has had their children removed from them; that isn’t able to handle the loving structure of a home when they were raised in chaos, a child who despite abuse or neglect, has been taken out of the only home they have ever known, a divorced parent who is angry with the other parent or stepparent.

That trainer warned us not to believe that allegations won’t happen to good people trying to do the right thing and contribute to society. In her experience she said it will happen. I am still not a foster mom.

How disappointing that my local newspaper is willing to make front page news out of allegations. I feel the headlines should have read “Hometown hero faces malicious allegations.”

I laughed when I read that the investigators interviewed a three-year-old. Ridiculous.

Please don’t come to my home as I have a five-year-old who believes: Santa and the Easter Bunny are real, that her Mom has “mom-itis” and can’t do dishes anymore, her Dad is a retired superhero, and that her Dad and I picked her out of a peanut patch and that is why her nickname is peanut.

She also believes that all people are good and that what you read in the newspaper is true!

Shame on you Princeton Union Eagle for this ridiculous story.

My heart and prayers go out to this family.

Kim Hamson