Princeton Township decided by one vote

Princeton Township Supervisor Mark Riverblood eked out a one-vote win over challenger Joe Gerold in township elections Tuesday, receiving 23 votes to Gerold’s 22. Five write-in votes were cast in that contest, two for Carl Sanford, two for William Whitcomb and one for Mike Sohre. Supervisor Eugene Stoeckel, who ran unopposed, was reelected with 41 votes.

Gerold, asked about the close outcome, said: “I didn’t think I would come close at all. I thought I’d just take a shot.” When he was asked if he intended to challenge the count, he said he wouldn’t. Election night tallies are not quite official as elected boards canvass the votes later to make them official.

The supervisor race in Wyanett Township was more decisive, to fill the seat vacated by Supervisor Tom Burdick who did not run for reelection. The winner was Travis Wood with 107 votes, over George Bergquist who had 74. Clerk Jim McLaughlin received 161 votes to be reelected.

As a result of a discussion at the Wyanett annual meeting Tuesday night that followed the voting, Wyanett supervisors are going to look into the idea of having 911 type emergency address signs.