City clears up land issues with Plastic Products

The Princeton City Council has passed two resolutions to clear up some land issues concerning the property occupied by Plastic Products along Old Hwy. 18 S. in the city’s older industrial area.

The council passed the resolutions after a presentation from the city’s civil case attorney Dick Schieffer. He explained how in 1981 the city sold the property that Plastic Products (PPC) is now on, to PPC through a contract for deed (CD). PPC paid off the deed in 1999 but apparently did not request to have the final paperwork be completed, Schieffer said. PPC has since transferred ownership of the property to PPC owner Marlene Smith.

Also, since the time of the CD being entered into, PPC negotiated an access/utility easement with an adjacent property owner. Because PPC did not own the property “cleanly,” Schieffer said, the easement was placed in the city’s name.

The council, as a result of this information, passed resolution 12-16 to transfer title to the property that PPC is on, from the city to PPC/Smith.

The council then passed resolution 12-17, which transfers the easement from the city to PPC.