Garbage hauler license fee cut in half

Having a solid waste hauler license in Mille Lacs County has become considerably cheaper because of county board action on March 6. The county board reduced it from its current $500 to $250 when the new fee schedule takes effect this coming April 1.

Commissioner Phil Peterson had called for decreasing the fee even more but went along with the rest of the commissioners pushing for the $250 fee.

Some of the other changes the board approved for the new fee schedule are:

•Passport book reduced from $135 to $110 for an adult, and from $105 to $80 for a minor.

•Passport card reduced from $55 to 30 for an adult, and from $40 to $15 for a minor.

•Private influenza immunization rising from $20 to $25.

•Animal control administrative penalty of $100.

•Standard sewage treatment system permit rising by $25 to $250.

•Soo Line Trail application fee of $75 has been added, as has the annual crossing fee of $50.

There will also be an annual $50 permit for overdimension, but not overweight loads on county roads. Overweight loads will require a $50 permit per trip for up to 10 trips, after which there will be no charge, and that includes houses, factory-built mobile homes, double wides and office trailers.

Daily impound fees for vehicles, fish houses, and boats have also been added.