Highway 23 contrustruction to continue

Motorists traveling on Highway 23 from Highway 95 east of St. Cloud to Highway 25 in Foley will encounter a detour beginning Monday, March 19. Construction will resume to expand Highway 23 east of St. Cloud to a four-lane divided highway.

Motorists traveling on Highway 23 will use a detour via Highway 95 and Highway 25. Local businesses and residents will maintain access during the detour. The detour map is located at  http://www.dot.state.mn.us/d3/newsrels/12/detours/Hwy23_benton_2012.pdf.

In 2011, crews constructed two new lanes. Work this year includes reconstructing the existing two lanes and turn lanes, constructing a westbound bridge over the Elk River and realigning all intersecting roadways, including 65th Avenue, Benton County Road 25, 85th Avenue/Benton County Road 83, Benton County Road 61, Benton County Road 62 and Benton County Road 4.

Additional work in Foley includes upgrading the traffic signal and adding turn lanes at the Highway 23/Highway 25 intersection, building a storm water pond just northeast of the intersection, and resurfacing the two-lane section of Highway 23 from Highway 25 to the east limits of Foley.

The goal of this project is to improve safety and mobility along the Highway 23 corridor.