FCS students learn all about rockets

FCS seventh-grader Jarod Taylor, science teacher Brent Jergens, seventh-grader Holly McCoy, ninth-grader Noah Lindberg and seventh-grader Braden Clarkson reevaluated their rocket after the first launch shot the engine out of its body.

Mille Lacs County Times

This year students at Faith Christian School in Foreston had the opportunity to take a brand new elective at the high school all about rockets.

“We’ve shot off rockets before as part of an Earth-science class, but this is the first time we’ve had an entire class devoted to rockets,” said FCS science teacher Brent Jergens.

The nine-week (or one quarter) class was opened to students in grades seven through 12, and the four who opted for the elective seem to be enjoying the course.

“I’ve learned more about the law of gravity and the physics behind it,” said seventh-grader Braden Clarkson.

Fellow seventh-grader Jarod Taylor said he’s learned the difference between rockets (guided by physics) and missiles (guided by mechanical systems).

“I’ve learned that they had rockets a long time ago,” ninth-grader Noah Lindberg said.

“Noah has rockets at home and he did his science fair project on rockets, so he’s kind of our resident expert,” Jergens said.

For seventh-grader Holly McCoy, the class seemed more exciting than the other electives offered.

“I chose this because it was interesting,” she said. “And in the sixth grade, our class did a rocket experiment and that was a lot of fun.”

For the full story, see the Thursday, March 22 print edition of the Times.