Food drive going slow; donate through April 8

The annual March food shelf drive is slow so far in Princeton this year, said Princeton Pantry coordinator Joyce Neumann on Monday this week.

It was slow in the early part of the drive last year, but then it picked up and did very well by the end, Neumann added.

It’s hard to tell what will happen between now and the end of the drive here, which is April 8, Neumann said. Donations are still welcome after that but to count for a partial match by the regional food bank, all donations have to be in by April 8, Neumann noted.

Money is a more valuable donation than food because money will get more credit for food from the regional food bank than if a person used that money to buy food at a store, Neumann added.

If the drive is to be as successful as last year, Neumann said, there will have to be $20,000 worth of donations arriving within the next two weeks. When this story is on the news stand there will be even less time. People can send donation checks to Princeton Pantry at 104 6th Ave. S., Princeton, MN 55371.