Belair wins NHRA race in Las Vegas

Butch Belair and his trophy.
Butch Belair and his trophy.

Since Butch Belair can remember he has been racing.

Princeton resident Butch Belair recently won the Las Vegas National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Divisional.

Belair has been racing for the past 45 years. He began racing snowmobiles and then evolved to race go-carts, stock cars and drag cars. This past year Belair raced in 12 events and his recent win in Las Vegas was his first big win out of state. He won racing his 2005 Miller dragster. This race is Belair’s first divisional since 2009.

“We can only race five months out of the year. I don’t want to say that we are more focused but it seems like people from around here are harder to beat,” said Belair.

Belair races in the NHRA division five which sprawls from Colorado to Missouri. Belair raced against nearly 140 cars in Las Vegas in an eight-round race. He plans to race in another divisional in June and then again in the national race at Brainerd Raceway in mid-August.

How does Belair prepare for these upcoming races where his car can travel up to 170 mph in 7.9 seconds?

“Well, you can’t. I try to practice a couple days ahead of time but there isn’t a whole lot you can do,” said Belair.

Aside from racing, Belair and his wife Linda own B&L Custom Trailers in Princeton. Specifically catering to other racers’ trailer needs. By travelling from raceway to raceway both Butch and Linda have the experience and knowledge necessary to help other racers with their trailers.

“Linda is the boss,” joked Belair. “But we do enjoy it.”