Letter: Church, Republicans threatening democracy

Uncontrolled population growth is a primary cause of the worst problems that face the world today, including environmental degradation, destruction of natural habitat, etc.. Over the last 27 years, the world’s population has expanded from three and one-half billion to nearly six billion.

A U.S. study on population growth [NSSM 200] reported that: overpopulation threatens America and the security of all nations.

During an international conference on population growth, Dr. Mumford, a leading writer on population issues, discussed the pivotal role of the Catholic Church hierarchy in thwarting efforts to alleviate the world population crisis.

The Vatican is opposed to contraception and abortion and they help reduce population growth. EWTN Global Catholic Network recently filed a federal lawsuit against the Obama administration’s contraception mandate. Michael Warsaw, president of EWTN said: “When the federal government uses its power to coerce an organization to act contrary to its deeply held values, it destroys the organization’s capacity to fulfill its mission” and “ultimately causes it to cease to exist.”

Civil law, which legalizes contraception and abortion undermines papal authority. Because most Americans look to democratic process to determine morality, the authority of the pope is threatened by this process. The Church cannot coexist with such an arrangement, it is progressively diminishing its credibility to the degree that it will ultimately cause the Church to cease to exist.

In response to the Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade in 1973, which legalized abortion, the U.S. Catholic bishops issued their Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities. The National Catholic Reporter referred to this plan as the creation of a new political party, an American Catholic Party.

An accomplishment of this plan was the capture of the Republican Party by the Vatican. The GOP became the Vatican’s antiabortion political party. An outgoing Republican National Committee Chairman, Richard Bond, told a committee that it was time for the Republican Party to abandon the papal position on abortion.

Because of their antiabortion position, the Roman Catholic Church and the Republican Party are threatening American democracy and security as well as the security of all nations.


Thomas Dahlheimer