Season opens at Princeton Speedway

There was a chill in the air Friday night in Princeton, but that didn’t stop drivers and hearty fans from filling the pits and stands at the Princeton Speedway for the 2012 WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track racing series season opener. The night was full of side by side action, close finishes and exciting racing action. Dave Read, Jason Vande Kamp, Josh Abrahamson, Shane Sabraski and Dave Cain took home feature wins.


The first feature event of the night was for the WISSOTA Street Stocks. Justin Pogones and Jon Gunderson led the drivers as the green dropped. Pogones quickly took the lead with Gunderson, Ryan Kostreba and Behn Mensen going three-wide for second. Mensen took the second point with Gunderson, Dave Read, and Kostreba taking top points. Read began to work Gunderson for third and quickly took the point. Pogones had stretched out a comfortable lead, but Mensen began to close in on him. Mensen and Read had just about caught Pogones as the yellow flew and drivers were realigned. Pogones was alone in front with Read and Mensen on his rear as the green flew. Mensen and Read battled for second with Read taking the point. Read moved next to Pogones for the lead but Pogones kept it. As the drivers came across the back stretch, Kostreba and John Adams were turned around and the yellow flew. Pogones was first on the restart with Mensen and Read battling for second. Read took second and moved next to Pogones for the lead. Pogones and Read fought side by side the remaining laps and as they rounded turn four they both floored it. Read came out ahead of Pogones and took the feature win. The crowd went crazy with cheers from the exciting finish and Read climbed to the top of his car in excitement.


The Coors Light WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were next up to race their feature with Jeremy Nelson and Gabe Kennedy on the front line. Nelson took the lead with Justin Oestreich moving into second. Dan Ebert and Bud Martini battled for third while Oestreich moved next to Nelson for first. Ebert took third and slid behind Nelson and Oestreich while Martini took fourth and Jason Vande Kamp moved into fifth. Nelson and Oestreich continued their battle for first with Ebert joining them. Nelson pulled ahead and took the lead while Ebert and Oestreich went at second. The leaders were beginning to lap slower drivers while Ebert caught up to Nelson. The yellow came out and the cars were sorted with Nelson being in first. When the green flew Martini took second and Vande Kamp took third putting Ebert into fourth and Oestreich in fifth. Just then Oestreich’s drive shaft broke and he coasted to a stop on the front stretch. The drivers were slowed and lined up. Nelson, Vande Kamp and Martini went three-wide for first as the green reappeared. Vande Kamp took over the lead and Ebert and Nelson battled for second as Martini left the track with car problems. Ebert took over second and moved in on Vande Kamp. As the checkered waved Vande kamp held his lead and won the feature race.


Dean Larson and Kyle Thell led the Viking Coke WISSOTA Mod Fours through turn four as the green flew. Thell shot out of turn four like a rocket and took the early lead. Josh Abrahamson moved into second and Larson held onto third. Abrahamson put his foot down and quickly closed in Thell for the lead. Thell and Abrahamson began lapping slower cars and they began to battle for first. Abrahamson ran the low line and Thell ran high around the track. As they crossed the front stretch, Abrahamson had a slight lead over Thell but a yellow flew and slowed the leaders down. The restart was Abrahamson in the lead with Larson and Thell behind him. As they went through the turns Abrahamson clipped a track tire and got loose also making Larson swerve on the track. They both kept going and the race stayed green. Thell took this opportunity to take the lead back and pulled away, but another yellow slowed him down. The restart was Thell with Abrahamson and Landon Atkinson behind him. Thell and Abrahamson continued their battle for first but Thell was able to hold him. As the two laps remaining flag waved Thell and Abrahamson were side by side. When the checkered flew it was Abrahamson who had the slight lead and took the feature win. Thell finished second with Atkinson, Larson and Mitch Hribar taking the top five points.


The Ray’s Auto Body WISSOTA Super Stocks were next up to race and Adam Ayotte and Shane Sabraski lined up row one. They battled for first and Dan Gullikson moved into third as the race began. The yellow appeared for the first time quite quickly as Cory Tammen, Tim Johnson, Chris Johnson and Ryan Meneley all had issues in turn two. The restart order was Sabraski with Ayotte and Gullikson behind him. Sabraski took the lead with Ayotte taking second but the third point was up for grabs. Tammen and Chris Wark battled for third with Dave Mass and Gullikson joining. Mass, Gullikson, Tammen and Wark went four-wide through turn four for third with Gullikson coming out as the winner. Mass claimed fourth while Gullikson moved behind Ayotte for second. The yellow flew and the drivers were slowed down. On the restart, Sabraski, Ayotte and Gullikson all battled for the lead. They went three-wide but Sabraski kept the lead and pulled away. It was still Ayotte and Gullikson going for second as Mass joined them. Mass and Gullikson went to the sides of Ayotte going three wide for second. Gullikson took second and Mass took third. Ayotte then had mechanical issues and the yellow flew. Sabraski was first on the restart with Gullikson and Mass trying to take the lead. Mass was able to pass Sabraski and take over the lead, the crowd went wild, but just then Ryan Meneley went off the track in turn two and hit the concrete wall bringing out a yellow. The restart put Sabraski back in first since he was first on the last fully completed lap. Sabraski held onto the lead through the restart and took the win with Mass, Gullikson, Mike Loomis and Tammen in the top points.


The final feature of the night was for the Grand Casino WISSOTA Modifieds, and it was another exciting race. Tim Alexander and Dave Cain led the drivers as the green waved. Cain took the lead with Alexander in second and Sabraski taking third. Don Eischens took fourth and moved next to Sabraski for third. Joey Jensen took fifth and moved in on Eischens, but Eischens went around in turn four and the yellow flew. The restart was Cain with Sabraski and Alexander behind him. Alexander, Sabraski and Larry Zeller battled three-wide for second and Alexander took the point. Zeller kept third as Jensen moved in behind him. Jensen took third and went to the low side of the track and took over second from Alexander as the yellow flew again. Cain was first on the restart with Jensen and Alexander behind him. Jensen slid next to Cain for the lead. Jensen nudged ahead just enough to take the lead, but another caution would keep him in second. After a couple more cautions, the restart went to single file style and Cain was in first followed by Jensen. Cain and Jensen continued there battle for the lead and as they came through turn four, Jensen went under Cain and contact was made between them. Cain’s car slowed on the front stretch and the yellow came out. After being checked out, Cain was able to race and took his place in the lead as Jensen was charged with the caution. The final restart was Cain, Zeller and Eischens. Zeller and Eischens battled for second but Zeller grabbed it. Zeller began to make his way next to Cain for the lead with few laps left. Zeller gave it a good push, but Cain held him off and took the feature win.


Racing will resume next Friday at 7pm. Make sure to check out the website at for the latest track information and full 2012 racing schedule. You an also find us on facebook by searching Princeton Speedway.



WISSOTA Modifieds

Feature- Dave Cain, Larry Zeller, Don Eischens, Tim Alexander, Tony Proell, Kris Peterson, Joey Jensen, J.B. Stortz, Dano Ostrander, Shane Sabraski, Dustin Nelson, Eric Bjorklund, Jim Nystrom, Jeff Patchen, Wayne Troseth, Justin Jones, J.T. Johnson

Heat 1- Cain, Patchen, Sabraski, Ostrander, Nystrom, Johnson

Heat 2- Jensen, Zeller, Eischens, Stortz, Bjorklund, Jones

Heat 3- Proell, Troseth, Alexander, Nelson, Peterson


WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature- Shane Sabraski, Dave Mass, Dan Gullikson, Mike Loomis, Corey Tammen, Donnie Lofdahl, Dave Read, Jake Goetze, Kyle Robideau, Chris Wark, Ryan Meneley, Adam Ayotte, Mike Mueller, Chris Johnson, Dexton Koch, Tim Patchen, Josh Anderson, Tim Johnson

Heat 1- Wark, Sabraski, Anderson, Read, Meneley, Johnson

Heat 2- Loomis, Mass, Gullikson, Goetze, Johnson, Robideau

Heat 3- Tammen, Ayotte, Mueller, Lofdahl, Patchen, Koch


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature- Jason Vande Kamp, Dan Ebert, Jeremy Nelson, Shane Sabraski, Ryan Bowers, Denis Czech, Shawn Fernkes, Deven Vanhouse, David Siercks, Cory Bauman, Chad Fouquette, Gino Fontecchio, Ryan Putnam, Bud Martini, Tim Siercks, George Sniezek, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Krystle Thom, Justin Oestreich, John Nelson, Gabe Kennedy

Heat 1- Ebert, Martini, Bowers, Fontecchio, Jo. Nelson, Lien, Jr.

Heat 2- Je. Nelson, Kennedy, Bauman, Vanhouse, Czech, Putnam

Heat 3- Sabraski, Vande Kamp, T. Siercks, Thom, Gessell, Jr.

Heat 4- Oestreich, Sniezek, Fernkes, Fouquette, D. Siercks


WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature- Dave Read, Justin Pogones, Behn Mensen, Kurt Becken, Ryan Kostreba, Jon Gunderson, Amanda Milbrandt, Brad Schmidt, John Adams, Cory Rosen

Heat 1- Gunderson, Read, Becken, Kostreba, Milbrandt

Heat 2- Mensen, Pogones, Schmidt, Adams, Rosen



Feature- Josh Abrahamson, Kyle Thell, Landon Atkinson, Dean Larson, Mitch Hribar, Brandon Lindquist, Justin Schneider, Andy Mayauski, Dan Kastner, Jason Bloch, Ross Mead, Dustin Zieske, Bryce Bjerken

Heat 1- Zieske, Abrahamson, Thell, Lindquist, Schneider, Mead, Bjerken

Heat 2- Larson, Atkinson, Hribar, Bloch, Kastner, Mayauski


Princeton Speedway Hornets

Feature- Abby Garin, Larry Paulson, Gabby Volkers, Lexy Kastner, Josh Paulson, Courtney Murray, Zac Hribar, Brady Novak