Address signs ignore privacy of residents

Baldwin Township is about to get a new look. According to Supervisor Good, about 2,500 large (8” by 16”), bright blue, highly reflective signs are soon to appear at a specified location on a 6’ metal post at the end of each driveway on properties with a structure, in about three weeks.

This comes after the board led the public to believe that properties that are in compact areas such as those on the golf course, in the mobile park, on the lakes and cluster developments would be considered for allowing the sign to be placed on a structure that is visible from the road.

In fact, at the March 20 board meeting, Chairman Swanson stated the sign could be placed on the structure by the property owner. (For audio of this discussion, go to

Furthermore, Supervisor Good stated the installer advised not to allow a variance.

I contacted the installer and he stated he had never varied where he installed the signs in any other community because he was not asked to and if the Baldwin Board instructed him to, he would. I asked him if he had ever installed such large signs in a community before and he said no.

What the residents of Baldwin are subjugated to is a new style of government by an overzealous and  aggressive board who ignores the privacy of the residents, disregarded the impact on some of the neighborhoods, and threaten with a trip to court and a misdemeanor charge for noncompliance.

And I thought township government was suppose to be the most grass-roots and least restrictive!

Elaine Philippi, Baldwin Township