Softball: Hunn scores two homers

Milaca’s Hayden Gutlovics comes into home plate while Princeton pitcher Summer Bachmeyer tries to make a play at the plate during the Tigers’ game Thursday, April 19 at Princeton.

Little Falls 8, Princeton 7 (April 17)

The Princeton Tigers lost to Little Falls on Tuesday, April 17 in extra innings.

The Tigers jumped out to an early lead scoring seven runs to Little Falls’ four. Samantha Hunn led Princeton’s offense with two home runs, a first in Princeton softball history. Overall the Tigers had 12 hits on the game.

The Tigers were able to hold the lead going into the fifth inning until Little Falls’ offense began to make a comeback.

“We had 12 hits, but our bats went cold in the last few innings,” said head coach Mandee Allen.

Little Falls tied the game in the seventh inning and then scored the winning run in the bottom of the eighth beating Princeton 8 – 7.


Milaca 13, Princeton 2 (April 19)

The number of errors committed by the Princeton Tigers ultimately led to their 13-2 loss against Milaca Thursday night.

The Tigers had a total of six errors followed up by only five hits throughout the game.

“The types of errors we are making should not be happening with a veteran squad. It’s very frustrating,” said head coach Mandee Allen.

The Tigers started off with an early lead in the first inning scoring Jasmine Ortega to earn their first run of the game. The Tigers’ following earned runs would be few and far between.

Summer Bachmeyer relieved Princeton pitcher, Samantha Hanus in the third inning after Princeton struggled to stop Milaca’s offense. Milaca totaled nine runs in the third inning against Princeton’s defense.

The Tigers followed Milaca’s run by going three up, three down to end the third inning.

Milaca offense then scored two more runs in the fourth inning leading Princeton 11–1.  Senior Samantha Hunn attempted to get a spark going for the Tiger offense by scoring a single in-the-park home run. This marked the third home run for Hunn in two consecutive games, a first for the Princeton softball program.

Unfortunately, this final push by Hunn was not enough. Princeton lost to Milaca 2–13.

“We just need to find that extra drive and focus a little more during the games,” said Allen.


Mora 9, Princeton 5 (April 20)

The Princeton Tigers lost 9-5 to the Mora Mustangs Friday night.

The Mustangs jumped out to an early 7–0 lead by the end of the second inning. Princeton attempted a comeback in the fifth inning scoring two runs and scoring another three runs in the sixth.

Princeton’s Jasmine Ortega led the Tigers with two earned runs followed by Summer Bachmeyer, Taylor Beard and Samantha Hunn each with one earned run respectively.

Mora’s error-free game proved to be the difference maker, Mora beating Princeton 5–9.


St. Francis 11,

Princeton 1 (April 21)

Princeton faced a tough loss against St. Francis Saturday, losing 11-1 in four innings.

The Tigers drove in their first and only run by Haley Ostendorf early in the first inning but St. Francis’ offense would prove to be too much for Princeton to overcome.

St. Francis quickly took the lead with three runs over the second and third innings and took a commanding lead by scoring an additional eight runs in the fourth.

This loss to St. Francis marks Princeton’s sixth loss of the season.


Chisago Lakes Area 9, Princeton 1 (April 21)

The Princeton Tigers came up short against the Chisago Lakes Area Wildcats Saturday, losing 9-1.

The Tigers had five hits throughout the game. Haley Ostendorf hit the Tigers only triple followed by Jasmine Ortega and Katelyn Vickers each hitting doubles respectively. Princeton’s one run came from Samantha Hunn in the fourth inning.

Neither the Wildcats nor the Tigers scored another run after the fourth inning leaving Princeton with their seventh loss of the season, with a 7-1 overall record.

The Tigers faced the Zimmerman Thunder at home Tuesday night.