Mock crash makes an impact

Princeton firefighters work to extricate the fatal victim of a mock crash Thursday, May 3 at Princeton High School.

It only happens once every two years in Princeton. Most people are unaware of it, but it’s a dramatization designed to teach juniors and seniors the consequences of drinking and driving.

It’s an all too familiar story this time of year. Prom and graduation provide high school students the opportunity to party. Then the day after, we learn the tragic story of the teenager who needlessly lost their life.

That’s why the Princeton High School students witnessed a mock crash. It was designed to be as realistic as possible with the hope that it will have an impact on the students.

With hundreds of students gathered in the high school parking lot, the dramatization began with the sound of a crash coming over a speaker system. Police  arrived first. Ambulances and fire department personnel arrived next on the scene. It was obvious that there were at least a couple fatalities as a result of the crash.

EMS begins to treat the injured. Firefighters secure the vehicles and then begin the process of removing the trapped victims. The driver of the vehicle that caused the crash was uninjured and given a field sobriety test by a responding State Trooper.

A distraught mother had to be restrained. The bodies of the victims were covered with a sheet awaiting the arrival of the funeral home.

See a complete story in next week’s publication.