Shrimp ceviche

Erin Johnson is office manager and a broker at the RE/MAX RELIANCE realty office in Princeton. Her husband Felipe Dominguez is a grill cook at Bon Appetit in the Medtronic building at the intersection of Highway 10 and I-35W. The two are in the above photo.

The couple, who have a son Max, 2, met when the two were working in the American Express Executive Catering department within the Financial Planning building in downtown Minneapolis in September 2000. She worked in bookkeeping and he was a catering cook. The two wed Jan. 7, 2006. She is expecting another child this summer.

Erin and Felipe enjoy cooking, especially Mexican food, and also enjoy family activities and traveling. They took a 7,500-mile road trip in 2008 into Mexico. One of the highlights on the trip was a train ride (eight hours each way) through Mexico’s Copper Canyon. The canyon is five times larger than America’s Grand Canyon and is beautiful with many pine trees, she said. Felipe is from the city of Tetelilla in the Mexican state of Morelos, two hours south of Mexico City.

Erin also enjoys being a volunteer, teaching English as a second language in a Coon Rapids elementary school where 23 languages are spoken. Felipe, who grew up on a large vegetable farm that had sorghum, corn, watermelons, peppers and tomatoes, enjoys vegetable gardening and running. The couple has set a goal to travel around the world 10 years from now with their children (she is expecting another child this summer). Erin already has many travel experiences, including in the Holy Land, Thailand, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and Australia. “Travel gives us perspective to be open to a bicultural relationship,” she says.

As far as cooking Mexican food, the key is to know the flavors and heat intensity of different peppers, she adds. Also, authentic Mexican beef dishes have slow-cooked shredded beef rather than the ground type, she notes.


Erin’s recipe for an appetizer arrives in time for May 5, the date of Cinco de Mayo.

Shrimp ceviche

4 lbs. shrimp – cooked, deveined and chopped into small pieces (about pea size)

juice of 1 lime

2 jalapeno peppers – chopped fine, with the ribs and seeds removed to minimize spice

5 minced cloves of garlic

1/4 cup of finely chopped yellow onion

1/2 cup chopped cilantro

4 Roma tomatoes chopped into pea-size pieces

1 T salt


Combine all ingredients and mix well. Add more salt or lime to taste. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to let the flavors combine. Serve with crackers or chips. (Erin prefers Tostitos scoops). The recipe serves about 15 as an appetizer. You could serve on tostadas with avocado slices on top as a dinner and then it would serve 6-8.