Track record falls; all-conference honors earned

Caitlin Reeves sets new school record

By Tim Kloncz

The Princeton girls track team did what a lot of teams hope to do, they accomplished their goal that was set at the beginning of the season by  winning the Granite Ridge Conference Meet.

And they did it convincingly, winning by 24.5 points with 34 of their total points coming from picking up fifth- to eighth-place points.

“Track and field truly is a team sport,” coach Tom Ostroot said with a smile on his face. “The girls scored in all 18 events and, more importantly, scored multiple athletes in many events! Our top athletes did what was needed by placing in the top spots, earning big points, and then we did what championship teams need to do – pick up points in all events.”

Even though track and field is a team sport, we cannot forget to mention the accomplishments of the top athletes. At the top of the list for the girls is Caitlin Reeves, she earned double conference champion titles by winning both the 1600 and 800 meter runs and she anchored the third-place 4×400 relay team. “This is a feat that only a spectacular athlete like Caitlin could accomplish,” Ostroot complimented, “and along the way she shattered her own school record in the 1600 meter run (5:24.72) with a new record of 5:17.81!” Throw specialist Jadyn Bonasera dominated the discus event with her throw of 124’2” and Taylor Laabs topped the triple jump field with her final jump of 33’3”. “This meet was a great culmination of our conference schedule and a great lead-in to the Section 7AA Championship Meet held in Princeton on May 30 and June 2,” Ostroot said.

The boys also had a great conference performance according to Ostroot.

“All year we knew scoring points in the Granite Ridge would be an arduous task, but, as always, they found ways to score points. Our lone all-conference athlete, Brian Kunz, accomplished that win with a third-place finish in the 800 meter run,” he said.

The strength of the Princeton distance runners was seen again at this meet: third place in the 4×800 relay, Chase Arens placing fourth in the 3200 meter run and Carl Wold with a fifth in the 800 meter run. Other athletes with a big day were Chase Lindenfelser with a fourth-place finish in the 300 hurdles, fifth-place in the 110 hurdles and a member of the 4×400 relay team. Rylan Erickson picked up points in all four of his events: fourth on the 4×400 relay, sixth in long jump, seventh in the high jump and eighth in the 400 meter dash.


Girls Team Results: 1st Place-Princeton 136.75, 2. Zimmerman 112.25, 3. Foley 108, 4. Little Falls 106, 5. St. Cloud Cathedral  94.25, 6. Mora 78, 7. Milaca 62.75.


Girls Individual results

4×800 Meter Relay 4. Princeton (Ashley Urman, Kaitlin Kittock, Emily Kruschek, Breanna Schultz) 10:43.55

100 Meter Hurdles 2. Katie Bialka 16.40

100 Meter Dash 7. Alicia Lipka 13.54

4×200 Meter Relay 2. Princeton (Katie Bialka, Alicia Lipka, Anna Oakes & Maddy Wood) 1:50.68

1600 Meter Run 1. Caitlin Reeves 5:17.81 – school record, 5. Melinda Meyer 5:37.70

4×100 Meter Relay 5. Princeton (Mariah Albrecht, Naomi Kolhoff, Samantha Janssen & McKayla Aubrey) 55.38

400 Meter Dash 2. Madelyn Wood 1:02.74, 3. Anna Oakes 1:03.32

300 Meter Hurdles 2. Katie Bialka 46.17, 5. Brooke Jorgenson 51.22

800 Meter Run 1. Caitlin Reeves 2:24.75, 6. Melinda Meyer 2:35.69

200 Meter Dash 5. Anna Oakes 27.42, 7. Taylor Laabs 28.47

3200 Meter Run 6. Ashley Urman 12:29.14

4×400 Meter Relay 3. Princeton (Maddy Wood, Caitlin Reeves, Mariah Albrecht, Alicia Lipka) 4:22.15

High Jump 6. Ashley Urman 4-08.00, 7. Megan Moore 4-06.00

Pole Vault 5. Amanda Groebner 8-00.00, 6. Jordan Bloomquist 7-00.00

Long Jump 7. Taylor Laabs 14-05.00, 8. Brooke Jorgenson 14-04.50

Triple Jump 1. Taylor Laabs 33-03.00, 6. Molly Savage 30-05.50, 8. Kaitlin Kittock 28-05.00

Discus Throw 1. Jadyn Bonasera 124-02, 8. Jesse Peterson 76-05

Shot Put 4. Jadyn Bonasera 34-11.00


Boys Team Results: 1. Little Falls 210.5, 2. Foley 114, 3. Zimmerman 99, 4. Mora 96, 5. St. Cloud Cathedral 82, 6. Princeton 53, 7. Milaca 38.5


Boys Individual Results:

4×800 Meter Relay 3. Princeton (Brian Kunz, Chase Arens, Nicholas Langenfeld, Carl Wold) 8:47.69

110 Meter Hurdles 5. Chase Lindenfelser 16.64

4×200 Meter Relay 5. Princeton (Ryan Beeuwsaert, Spencer Hensley, Nicholas Johnson, Bailey Carlberg) 1:46.91

4×100 Meter Relay 5. Princeton (Ryan Goor, Matt Girtz, Kirk Ringey, Travis Pope) 49.03

400 Meter Dash 8. Rylan Erickson 56.30

300 Meter Hurdles 4. Chase Lindenfelser 41.87

800 Meter Run 3. Brian Kunz 2:09.80, 5. Carl Wood 2:13.75

3200 Meter Run 4. Chase Arens 10:28.82, 7. Ryan Yonak 10:56.89

4×400 Meter Relay 4. Princeton (Rylan Erickson, Brian Kunz, Carl Wold, Chase Lindenfelser) 3:46.45

High Jump 7. Rylan Erickson 5-06.00

Pole Vault 5. Travis Pope 10-06.00

Long Jump 6. Rylan Erickson 18-04.00


Team Conference Champions: 

136.75 points- Princeton Girls


Individual Conference


Girls All-Conference Athletes:

Caitlin Reeves: 1600 meter run- 1st, 800 meter run-1st

Taylor Laabs: Triple Jump-1st

Jadyn Bonasera: Discus-1st

Katie Bialka: 100 hurdles-2nd, 300 hurdles-2nd

Maddy Wood: 400m dash-2nd

Anna Oakes: 400m dash-3rd

4×200 Relay-2nd—Katie Bialka, Alicia Lipka, Anna Oakes, Maddy Wood

Girls Honorable Mention:

1. 4×400 Relay-3rd—Maddy Wood, Alicia Lipka, Mariah Albrecht, Caitlin Reeves

2. 4×800 Relay-4th—Kaitlin Kittock, Breanna Schultz, Emily Kruschek, Ashley Urman

3. Jadyn Bonasera: Shot Put- 4th

4. Melinda Meyer: 1600m run- 5th

5. Brooke Jorgenson: 300 Hurdles-5th

6. Anna Oakes: 200m dash-5th

7. Amanda Groebner: Pole Vault-5th

8. Ashley Urman: 3200m Run-6th, High Jump – 6th

9. Jordan Bloomquist: Pole Vault-6th

10. Molly Savage: Triple Jump-6th


Boys All-Conference Athlete:

Brian Kunz: 800 meter run-3rd

Boys Honorable Mention:

1. 4×800 Relay– 3rd—Brian Kunz, Chase Arens, Nicholas Langenfeld, Carl Wold

2. 4×400 Relay-4th – Chase Lindenfelser, Rylan Erickson, Brian Kunz, Carl Wold

3. Chase Lindenfelser: 300 hurdles-4th, 110 hurdles- 5th

4. Chase Arens: 3200m run-4th

5. Carl Wold: 800m run-5th

6. Travis Pope: Pole Vault-5th

7. Rylan Erickson: Long Jump-6th