Belle Haven is proud of its families

Thank you for your recent articles that shared information about the fifth anniversary of Belle Haven Townhomes. From the beginning, even when it was just an idea, this project  has received incredible support from the people of Princeton. From the initial fundraising of $360,000 for the local matching funds, to the regular donations of household goods that help families who are moving in, to the countless volunteers who have helped with various projects over the years, this has been a well-supported project.

I would like to explain a bit more about Belle Haven Townhomes and also clarify some things. First I want to make it clear that the residents of Belle Haven Townhomes are required to work, be looking for work, volunteer or be involved in education, while they are living there. From the day a family moves in, they must pay 30 percent of their income in rent. Secondly, in order to live at Belle Haven Townhomes, tenants must have a documented history of homelessness and a history of alcoholism or addiction and have children. Belle Haven Townhomes is long-term, supportive housing for families.

In the five years since the first families moved in, we have served 52 families, and 46 of those families have come from counties in central Minnesota, 34 from the counties of Mille Lacs, Sherburne and Isanti. In addition, we have seen six mothers receive post-high school degrees while they lived at Belle Haven.

We are very proud of the families that have lived with us and continue to be amazed at their progress. Thanks again to the community of Princeton for helping us and helping the families to make important life changes.

Jeff Larson,

Executive Director