Friends unearth festival medallion

What do two teenage girls do when they have a little free time on their hands?

In the case of Saylor Keener and Pamela Burr, they head to Rum River Drive to earn a quick hundred bucks.

The two Princeton Middle School students are this year’s winners in the Rum River Festival medallion contest.

Saylor and Burr found the medallion on Tuesday night. The medallion was found taped under a plastic coffee cup lid in a flower bed at the little house on Rum River Drive across from the Dairy Queen.

The two needed just two clues before finding the medallion on the second day of the medallion hunt. While people were following day three clues to the little house on Rum River Drive, the girls were already claiming their $100 prize money.

The girls ventured off on the medallion hunt Tuesday, because, they said, they had nothing better to do. Saylor’s mom, Audra Keener, began searching for the medallion Monday. She was unsuccessful in finding the medallion and couldn’t continue the search on Tuesday.

“I was too busy Tuesday, so I suggested the girls go out,” Audra Keener said.

After reading Monday’s clue, the girls headed out to the roundabout. But sixth-grader Saylor and eighth-grader Pamela came up empty.

On their bikes, they headed south on Rum River Drive. They headed all the way down to Ace Hardware. They made a few stops along the way, but came up empty-handed.

Saylor called her Mom to have Tuesday’s clue read one more time. That’s when the three agreed that the girls should turn around and make their way to the little house across the street from the Dairy Queen.

“I was talking to my Mom when (Pamela) picked up the lid to the coffee cup and started screaming,” said Saylor, noting that they had walked past the medallion’s location at least four times.

It wasn’t long before the girls were running into the Keener home screaming. Audra Keener knew right then and there what had happened.

“One of them came in screaming. She ran right out of her shoes in the yard,” Audra Keener said.

The girls weren’t only excited about finding the medallion. They were excited for the plans they were making with their winnings.

“We’re going shopping,” the girls said.