Princeton Speedway: Billy Anderson Memorial and more…

The 11th Annual Billy Anderson Memorial race night was held at the Princeton Speedway on Friday night. The Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series winged Sprint Cars were on hand to entertain the race fans with heats, challenge races and a 25 lap feature on the quarter-mile bullring. Moon Motorsports of Monticello, MN sponsored the night of racing and the pits and grandstands were packed with race fans.


The UMSS sprints made their 2nd Annual trip to Princeton and put on an excellent 25 lap feature with only one caution. Cody Hahn of Oak Grove, MN held of the competition and drove his #23 Sprint into victory lane.


The WISSOTA Street Stocks were the first feature of the night, and they had a rather exciting race. Chad Weyer and Amanda Milbrandt led the drivers as the green flew. Weyer took the lead with Pat Zerfas and Kurt Becken moving behind him. Zerfas and Becken went to Weyer’s sides and went three wide for first. Becken took the lead with Zerfas, Brad Schmidt, Justin Pogones and Ryan Kostreba taking top points. Schmidt moved next to Zerfas for second and Pogones also moved up. Schmidt took over second and Pogones took third putting Zerfas into fourth. Pogones quickly took over second from Schmidt while Kostreba took fourth and challenged Schmidt for third. Schmidt and Kostreba made contact while battling and Schmidt spun out. The yellow flew and drivers were realigned with Becken in first. Kostreba and Pogones battled for second when the green waved. Pogones took second and moved in on Becken while Behn Mensen moved in behind Kostreba. Pogones slid next to Becken for first, but Pogones’ car went around in turn four bringing the yellow out again. The restart was Becken with Kostreba and Mensen on his rear. Kostreba and Mensen went to the sides of Becken and they went three wide for first. Mensen and Kostreba moved ahead of Becken and continued to battle for first as the white waved. As the drivers came through turn four, the checkered was in sight and they all floored it. Kostreba and Mensen made contact coming to the line forcing their cars sideways. Becken and Zerfas moved quickly to the low side of the track and sped to the flag stand while the other drivers created a mess on the front stretch. Becken crossed the finish line first taking the feature win. Zerfas took second followed by Kostreba, Mensen, and Schmidt.


Jeffrey Lien Jr. and Jeremy Nelson led the Coors Light WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds onto the track for the next feature. As the green flew Nelson took the lead with Lien in second and Denis Czech in third. Czech took over second and moved in on Nelson for the lead. Ryan Bowers took third with Justin Oestreich and Lien Jr. going for fourth. Oestreich took fourth while Czech went to the side of Nelson for first. Czech ran high and Nelson ran low as they raced for first. Czech had a slight lead as they came down the front stretch, but the yellow flew for Chad Fouquette going around in turn one. The restart was lined up according to the last fully completed lap putting Nelson back in first. Bowers and Czech battled for second when the green waved but Czech quickly claimed it. Czech ran right behind Nelson for the lead while Bud Martini took fourth and moved in on Bowers for third. Just then Bowers suffered a mechanical issue and exited the track putting Martini into third. Nelson continued to run strong in the lead as the laps were counted down. As the checkered flew Czech gave it one last shot, but Nelson was too strong and Nelson held the lead taking his first feature win ever.


Brandon Kellen took the early lead as the Viking Coke WISSOTA Mod Fours began their feature. Dean Larson took second with Mitch Hribar battling Kyle Thell for third. Kellen ran the high side and got a bit loose allowing Larson to shoot by him taking the lead. Hribar and Josh Abrahamson also passed Kellen and they battled for second with Abrahamson getting the point. Hribar held third with Thell and Troy Kuehl in the top five. Abrahamson moved next to Larson for first while Hribar tried to hold off Kuehl. Larson held the lead but Abrahamson kept close to him. Abrahamson moved next to Larson again and as they battled they made contact. Both drivers kept going, but Abrahamson was able to take over the lead putting Larson in second. Kuehl was still working on passing Hribar for third, and with two to go he took the point. Kuehl then sped off and caught Larson for second, but it was too late to make a move as Abrahamson crossed the finish line and took another feature win. Larson, Kuehl, Hribar and Thell took the top points.


The Grand Casino WISSOTA Modifieds made their way onto the track for their feature with Wayne Troseth and J.B. Stortz on the pole. Troseth, Stortz and Dano Ostrander went three wide for first as the green flew and Ostrander came out with the point. Stortz and Troseth battled for second with Dustin Nelson and Larry Zeller behind them. Stortz took second and moved next to Ostrander for first. Ostrander kept the lead but back to back cautions would slow him down. As the green flew again Stortz and Ostrander continued to battle for first and Zeller battled Shane Sabraski for third. Zeller kept third and Stortz went to the high side of the track. Stortz ran along the cushion and took the lead from Ostrander. Joey Jensen took third from Zeller and moved in on Ostrander while Stortz began to pull away. Stortz, Ostrander, Jensen and Zeller ran that same order for many laps, while they lapped slower drivers. As the white flew Ostrander had closed in on Stortz. Ostrander gave it a shot and tried to take the lead but Stortz held his line and took his first feature win of the season at Princeton.


Races will resume next Friday at 7pm and it will be a regular night of WISSOTA racing with all our regular classes back in action.



WISSOTA Modifieds

Feature- J.B. Stortz, Dano Ostrander, Joey Jensen, Larry Zeller, Shane Sabraski, Wayne Troseth, Clayton Wagamon, J.T. Johnson, Dustin Nelson, Kris Peterson, Logan Atkinson, Eric Bjorklund, Denny Holm, Jeff Patchen, Dave Mass, Tony Proell

Heat 1- Jensen, Sabraski, Ostrander, Troseth, Mass, Peterson, Atkinson, Holm

Heat 2- Zeller, Stortz, Nelson, Patchen, Wagamon, Johnson, Proell, Bjorklund


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature- Jeremy Nelson, Denis Czech, Bud Martini, Justin Oestreich, Shane Sabraski, Jeffrey Lien Jr., Cory Bauman, Gino Fontecchio, George Sniezek, Ryan Putnam, Krystle Thom, Brian Standberg, Ryan Bowers, Chad Fouquette, John Nelson

Heat 1- Oestreich, Martini, Sabraski, Czech, Bauman, Fontecchio, Putnam, Thom

Heat 2- Bohlman, Lien Jr., Je. Nelson, Bowers, Sniezek, Fouquette, Standberg, Jo. Nelson


WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature- Kurt Becken, Pat Zerfas, Ryan Kostreba, Behn Mensen, Brad Schmidt, Justin Pogones, Kyle Howland, Russell Peterson, Amanda Milbrandt, Dave Mastell, Rick Nelson, William Brenny, Chad Weyer

Heat 1- Mensen, Pogones, Howland, Milbrandt, Mastell, Nelson, Brenny

Heat 2- Becken, Schmidt, Zerfas, Weyer, Kostreba, Peterson



Feature- Josh Abrahamson, Dean Larson, Troy Kuehl, Mitch Hribar, Kyle Thell, Matt Halls, Brandon Kellen, Daniel Kastner, Steve Walentiny, Ross Mead

Heat 1- Kellen, Halls, Thell, Walentiny, Mead, Kastner

Heat 2- Abrahamson, Kuehl, Larson, Hribar, Atkinson


Princeton Hornets – Jake Nicholson, Clay Blosberg, Abby Garin, Lindsay Zerfas, Gabby Volkers, Brady Novak, Lexy Kastner, Tim Sullivan, Matthew Dibb, Courtney Murray, Trisan Coburn