Many made Young Park a success

As of this spring our community has one additional park for all residents to enjoy. Young Park is located at the interception of cty rd 19 and cty rd 38 in Baldwin Township. While located in Baldwin, the park is available for all citizens to use just as are the parks in Zimmerman, Livonia and Princeton. While urban parks are wonderful for water activities and organized sports, rural parks offer considerable wildlife viewing opportunities. A walk along the wooded and open trails of Young Park, one can spot deer, rabbits, wild turkeys, pheasants, Canadian geese and sandhill cranes to mention just a few.

There has been considerable public recognition of individuals and companies in the past six months for their contributions. A recreational asset of this magnitude did not happen in six months but rather considerable planning and behind the scenes work over an extended period of time. I would like to mention five additional individuals that I personally know of. I am sure there are more.

It goes without saying that none of this would have been possible without the gracious gift of the eighty acres from Marguerite and Kermit Young.

Dave Patten as chairperson and the Baldwin Park Committee were instrumental in the planning and designing of Young Park. Dave as a professional landscape architect donated a significant amount of time and expertise preparing drawings and details at no cost to taxpayers.

Dean Kleinhans was instrumental in getting the actual development underway last year. Dean’s work began as the chairperson of the Parks, Environment and Social Capital Task Force. Dean also coordinated a park cleanup day and organized two park events, a winter solstice and a spring event.

Rick Johnson graciously donated considerable time, expertise and expensive construction equipment to prepare the parking lot for paving. Rick and his employees used his earth moving equipment to relocate earth from a remote area of the park to the parking area. I suspect Rick also donated tens of thousands of dollars to the trail construction with a quote of just over half of his competitor.


Chuck Nagle

Baldwin Township