Charges filed in gas tank tampering

A man who allegedly said he was the “Mastermind” behind ruining a Princeton woman’s car in July 2011, is now facing felony criminal charges.

Craig P. Maleska, 28, Princeton is charged with felony criminal damage to property, domestic abuse- violating an order for protection, and tampering with a motor vehicle in connection with incident. He is summonsed to appear in court on July 17.

On July 10, 2011, the victim found the gas cap loose on her 1996 Lumina. There was also a footprint on the door leading to the gas tank.

The vehicle never started right again. Mechanics at a vehicle repair shop looked at the vehicle and offered the opinion that someone had put something in the fuel system, according to a criminal complaint filed in Mille Lacs County District Court. She eventually sold the car at a reduced price because of its condition.

In October, Maleska had an in-person conversation with the victim — a violation of a protective order again him — and admitted to being the mastermind behind the damage to the vehicle. The victim, and witnesses who heard the conversation, both said that Maleska never admitted to doing it, but he knew who did, according to the complaint.

The victim says she explained how, with no vehicle, her child was being put in harm’s way in the case of an emergency, the complaint states. Maleska allegedly told the victim, in front of witnesses, that he agreed and said he shouldn’t have done it.


Princeton man charged in Foreston theft

A 20-year-old Princeton man is facing misdemeanor theft charges after being charged with the Aug. 16, 2011 incident in Mille Lacs County District Court.

Kyle W. Erickson is accused of trespassing onto property at 15609 100th Street, Foreston, with two adults and two juveniles, damaging property and stealing items, according to a criminal complaint.

Padlocks were cut on two school buses kept on the property. Tools were reported missing from one bus, scrap metal from another. Five quarts of oil were stolen, as was a NAPA hanging tool box. A building on the property was defaced with yellow spray paint. A shed was also broken into.

Others involved in the theft specifically called out Erickson for breaking into a trailer house on the property.

Mandi Jo  Eisenbraun, 20, of Foreston, is also facing criminal charges in connection with the incident.