City Council briefs: Week of July 5

Bingo permit

The council approved a permit for Woodcock-Herbst American Legion post auxiliary to run bingo games this coming Aug. 9-12 at the Mille Lacs County fairgrounds in Princeton


Tables action on request for $500

The council tabled action on a request by Elim Care & Rehab Center in Princeton for $500 from the city’s Princeton Wine & Spirits grant fund until the council receives more details from Elim administrator Todd Lundeen.

The application states that the money would go toward buying supplies and equipment for a craft room that Elim is creating, and also increase the number of outings for Elim residents by helping with the transportation costs. Forty-four Elim residents would benefit from the craft room, according to the application, which notes that there is an Aug. 24 Elim annual golf classic at Princeton Golf Course for the fundraising.

Lundeen was not at the council meeting to answer questions. Mayor Jeremy Riddle added that the city should also first check to see if any money is left in the Wine & Spirits grant fund for this year’s community grant funding.


New peddler-      hawker fee schedule

The council approved altering the fee structure for permits for peddlers, hawkers and solicitors. The change adds a permit which can be obtained for $50 to have five days of sales in any three-month period. Already in the schedule are a $250 annual permit and a $30 permit for five consecutive sale days.


Amends sewer charges for car washes

The council passed ordinance no. 688 which has amendments to address a problem in the old ordinance governing sewer rates for commercial car washes. The new ordinance states that commercial car wash facilities will have their sewer rate based upon the water usage for the month in which the sewer charge is billed.

Under the old ordinance, car washes had been lumped in with residential and commercial places that are given a sewer rate based on water usage in the months of December through March. The rationale was that there is the least amount of water used during those months. But it turns out that car washes actually use more water in those months.

The new ordinance also states that the minimum monthly water usage for residential properties will be 2,000 gallons and the minimum per month for commercial will be 4,000 gallons.


Assessment adopted for residence

The council adopted resolution no. 12-43 which sets up an assessment to Jeremy C. and Angela Uhrich at 219 14th Ave. S. The assessment is for $785 to be paid at a rate of five percent per annum over a three-year period with the first payment to occur on or before the first Monday in January 2013. There is also a provision for paying off the assessment early.

The assessment had to do with the city forcing the Uhrich couple to move a fence back from city right of way. The couple had a fence constructed for purposes of a childcare center on their property and some of it went into the street right of way. The council and the couple reached a basic agreement after a long discussion last year.


Resolution on             park funding

The council approved resolution 12-44 that states the council believes the state’s current park and trail Legacy grant program is “inherently unfair to greater Minnesota.” The resolution notes that the formula the state uses is 43 percent of such funding goes to the metro area, 37 percent to the DNR, and 20 percent to greater Minnesota.