Knife River chosen for airport project

The city of Princeton has chosen the low bid of $433,591.78 from Knife River Corp., Sauk Rapids, to do an airport improvement project.

The project is to redo the airport’s apron and diagonal taxiway; fog seal the runway, parallel taxiway and connectors; and repaint the markings on the runway, parallel taxiway and connectors.

The engineer’s estimate from the consulting engineering firm, SEH, was $517,160.

Four companies bid the project, ranging from Knife River’s low bid of just over $433,591, to the high bid from North Valley of just over $544,952.

The city council, last Thursday, chose the Knife River bid on condition of  the city receiving a federal grant in which the federal government would pay 90 percent and the city would pay 10 percent. The city is also hoping for a state grant where the city would pay 30 percent of the grant mix.

The motion to accept the bid stated that it will be approved if the federal grant comes in. If the state grant doesn’t get approved, the city will just make a change order to not do the full scope of the project, the council members agreed.

The part that a state grant would cover, according to City Administrator Mark Karnowski, would be the fog seal and some of the pavement markings. Karnowski said the city’s share of the project would amount to just over $49,540 with the grants.

A federal grant would end up paying $362,416 and a state grant would pay just over $21,635.