County to buy $230,000 snow plow

Mille Lacs County will get a new snowplow truck, to the tune of $231,523.

County engineer Bruce Cochran made the request for the truck, under the county’s capital improvement plan, at the July 3 meeting of county commissioners.

Cochran told commissioners that the county’s fleet of plow trucks is made up primarily of trucks with a Ford chassis.

“Ford is no longer manufacturing heavy trucks and is weaning itself from providing repair parts, supplies and technical support,” he said.

Cochran said that while a used truck might be inviting from a cost standpoint, the wear and tear on a truck is almost impossible to stop.

“A used truck is not considered an alternative in this situation,” he said.

There were 19 pages of quotes from the state bid for a truck. The truck was listed at $116,120, the box and plow equipment at $95,403, and the sales tax and registration at an estimated $20,000.

Cochran noted that the last time the county bought a new plow truck was in 2005.

Commissioner Jack Edmonds asked how many such trucks the county has.

Cochran answered that there are two 1994 models and some 1997s.

“We want to get rid of the older Fords,” he said.

The motion passed unanimously.