Slap results in assault charge

A Princeton woman is facing domestic assault charges after slapping her niece in the face.

Cheryl Ann Milender, 56, has been charged in Mille Lacs County District Court with gross misdemeanor domestic assault and interfering with the placing of an emergency 911 call, stemming from the June 30 incident on Princeton’s south side.

According to a criminal complaint, Milender arrived at a residence on Seventh Avenue South and attempted to remove her grandchild from the home. A niece was caring for the child, who allegedly refused to leave. Milender allegedly chased the child through the house. The niece eventually locked Milender out of the residence.

Milender eventually gained access to the residence and allegedly pushed the niece in an attempt to get the child. The child ran out the back door and around the front of the house where he again entered the house.

Milender allegedly slapped the niece in the face and pulled on the niece’s triceps to get her away from the door. Milender is then accused of grabbing the niece’s leg, trying to get her legs out from under her.

The niece said she fought back, hitting Milender in the kidneys. Milender allegedly responded by hitting the niece with a shoe. The niece called 911, which resulted in Milender allegedly charging at her again. Milender then shoved the niece off the steps. She is accused of fleeing the scene. Milender was scheduled to make a Thursday, July 26 court appearance.