District to seek levy renewal

It appears the Milaca School Board will pass a resolution next month asking for a ballot question this fall to keep an operating levy in place that was passed 10 years ago.

The levy of approximately $1.02 per household will expire at the end of the 2012-13 school year.

If it is not put on the ballot, or turned down by voters, the district would lose the $159,000 the levy generates.

Passing the levy will not raise taxes because it is a levy that is in place now, Superintendent Jerry Hansen said at the meeting.

Business manager Scott Nelson noted that the $1.02 amount is only for houses valued at $225,000 or more.

“For a $100,000 home it would be only 30 or 40 cents a year,” Nelson said in an interview Monday.

“It was well received last time and I think it will be this time,” said board member Aimee Struffert.

As discussion continued about the levy, board member Jody Chambers said she would like to see the board approve having another question on the ballot for a much larger operating levy that has failed the past two years.

She said she feels it would be responsible to have both questions on the ballot, even if voters have shown they don’t support the larger levy.

“The danger is, voters could be confused,” said board chair Jeff Larson.

Superintendent Hansen said that in talking to other   school district representatives, he has been advised not to ask for an additional levy with the one that was passed 10 years ago.

Talking about the levy, Hansen told board members that he thinks the district doesn’t “blow our own horn enough.”

To that end, there will be newsletters in the Town & Country Shopper, he said, as well as some color brochures that he had samples of at the meeting.

Plans are to place those brochures with real estate agents, Hansen said, to let potential buyers know about the Milaca district.

Plans are to approve a resolution for the $1.02 levy at the board’s Aug. 21 meeting.

For the full story, see the Thursday, July 26 print edition of the Times.