Report clarifies county pay

Information included with a resolution providing uniformity on Mille Lacs County personnel matters sheds some light on the number of county employees and their rate of pay.

County personnel director Lisa Herges asked county commissioners at their July 17 meeting for, and received, the resolution that formalizes the process already in place for administration of personnel matters, as well as implementing a board of appeals.

As of July 2012, the county has 224 permanent employees, 207  of them full time and 17 of them part-timers.

The average rate of pay for the employees is $23.04 an hour, which figures out to an average of about $47,900 a year if someone works 52 40-hour weeks.

There are 126 female workers, 98 males. And 58 are non-union workers,

Eleven of those employees have been with the county 30 years or more, 24 have been there 20 to 30 years, and 61 for 10 to 20 years.

The sheriff’s office has the most employees, 87, and the Community & Veterans Service Department has 69.

There are 21 in public works, 16 in the county attorney’s office and 14 in the administrative services office.

Some of the county’s jobs are apparently coveted, if applications received are any measure.

In the past two years there were 136 applications for the position of correctional officer/911 dispatcher in the sheriff’s office, 114 for a transport-court security position in the same office, and 113 for jail administrative assistant.

Eighty-two applied for the position of victim assistance coordinator in the county attorney’s office, 73 for assistant county attorney.

Only 18 applied to be a social worker and only 13 to be a mechanic for public works.

All of the county’s permanent job openings are advertised on the county’s website of