Milaca Iron & Metal now open

Milaca Iron & Metal opened Wednesday, July 16. Employee Colin Maitland, manager Mike Mueller and employee Steven Mueller are happy to be working.

The area’s newest business, Milaca Iron & Metal, officially opened its doors Wednesday, July 18, and manager Mike Mueller said business is good.

The scrap metal collection site already employs two full timers and two part time employees in its first two weeks of operation.

“We hope to bring on two more the way we’re going,” Mueller said. “We didn’t think we’d need the fourth guy until November, so we’re exceeding our expectations.”

The workers spend their days sorting and moving scrap, cans and machinery collected at the site just north of Milaca on the east side of Highway 169. A back haul removes one load of scrap everyday while vehicles are removed the day after they are collected.

“We’ve had a lot of pop cans, old scrap and farm equipment — that kind of stuff,” Mueller said. “We’ve had all kinds and different kinds of people in here.”

Aside from personal scrap collection, Mueller said there is another market the new business is interested in attracting.

“We found out that a lot of stores in town have metal laying out back and if they bring it in, it’s worth money,” he said.

Once the scrap is loaded up for removal, it’s taken to Crow Wing Recycling’s (the parent company of Milaca Iron & Metal) recycling plant.

“It goes to Brainerd and then it’s someone else’s problem,” he said. “There will never be any processing done at this site.”

For the full story, see the Thursday, Aug. 2 print edition of the Times.