Princeton Speedway results: July 27

 Clear skies and comfortable temperatures brought many racers and fans out to the Princeton Speedway for a night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series Action. Dave Read, Matt Staab, Bud Martini, Shane Sabraski and Dave Cain took home trophies after some very exciting feature races.


The WISSOTA Street Stocks were the first to race with Brad Schmidt and Behn Mensen leading the way. Schmidt took the early lead with Mensen, Jon Gunderson and Pat Zerfas in tow. Within a couple laps Mensen looped his car in turn two bringing out the first caution. Schmidt was first on the restart with Gunderson and Zerfas behind him. Gunderson claimed second while Justin Pogones and Kurt Becken moved to the sides of Zerfas going three wide for third. Zerfas broke away and moved next to Gunderson for second while Dave Read joined the top drivers. Pogones, Zerfas, Becken, Ryan Kostreba and Read all raced close for top points, but Read was on the move and made his way quickly into second. Gunderson held onto third as Read chased down Schmidt. Read was ready to make his move for the lead as Dan Foss rolled around the track ready to lose his right front tire, the yellow flew. Schmidt was first on the restart with Kostreba and Read behind him. Read took second and Kostreba got third with Pogones on his rear. Pogones passed Kostreba taking third and slid next to Read for second. Read held onto second and quickly moved to the side of Schmidt. Read made the pass taking the lead with Pogones following grabbing second. Read and Pogones pulled away from the other drivers and Pogones closed the gap Read had. With two laps remaining Pogones caught Read, but Read held him off to the checkers taking another feature win at Princeton.


Matt Staab and Dean Larson brought the Viking Coke WISSOTA Mod Fours on the track for the next feature. Staab grabbed the lead as the green flew with Landon Atkinson battling Larson for second. Larson kept second while Josh Abrahamson moved behind Atkinson. Abrahamson took over third then second and set his eyes on Staab. Troy Kuehl moved into fifth and then slid next to Atkinson for fourth. Kuehl took the point and moved in on Larson. Kuehl and Larson battled side by side for third with Kuehl grabbing the point as the yellow flew. Staab was first on the restart with Abrahamson and Kuehl behind him. Abrahamson stayed on Staab’s rear as the laps counted down, but was unable to pass him. Staab kept the lead and took home his first feature win at the Princeton Speedway.


Justin Tanner and Cory Bauman brought the Coors Light WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds out for another feature, and as the green flew, it was Jeremy Nelson who shot into the lead. Nelson immediately drove away while Tanner took second and Bauman battled Mike Kyllonen for third. Bauman took third and Ryan Bowers moved next to Kyllonen for fourth. Bowers quickly moved to the tracks low groove and through turn two he went from fourth to second. Bauman and Bud Martini moved in on Bowers as the first yellow flew. Nelson was first on the restart with Bowers and Martini in tow. Bowers and Martini fought for second right behind Nelson as they split apart. Bowers went low, Martini went high and they moved to Nelson’s sides. Bowers again made his low groove move through the turn and took the lead putting Nelson into second. Nelson and Martini battled for second as the yellow flew again. Bowers was alone in front on the restart with a very eager Nelson and Martini behind him. Nelson took second as the green flew with Martini on his rear. Nelson moved next to Bowers and retook the lead, but Bowers didn’t back down. Bowers got next to Nelson again and stole the lead back. Bowers, Nelson and Martini had a good lead over the other drivers as they battled for that top point. Martini and Nelson were side by side again on Bowers’ rear as they closed in on slower drivers. They began to lap cars with few laps remaining. Bowers kept his lead but Martini was close behind him. As they lapped a couple more Martini made the pass on Bowers and the other cars and took the lead with two laps to go. Bowers sped up and tried to retake the lead, but Martini kept him back and took the checkered for the win.


Josh Anderson grabbed the lead as the green flew for the Ray’s Auto Body WISSOTA Super Stock feature. Kyle Robideau, Mike Loomis and Dexton Koch went three wide for second with Loomis grabbing the point and Koch took third. Dan Gullikson moved into fourth and quickly took over third as Loomis moved next to Anderson for first. Loomis took the lead and Anderson fell to second with Gullikson at his side. Shane Sabraski was on the move and took over fourth, and as Gullikson took second Sabraski slid into third. Loomis, Gullikson, Sabraski and Anderson pulled away from Koch who was in fifth and the other drivers. Chris Wark then moved aside Koch and took fifth while Sabraski caught Loomis. Sabraski ran the high side of the track and took the lead putting Loomis in second. Sabraski wasted no time and pulled away from the others and within a few laps he was lapping slower cars. Gullikson began to work on Loomis for second, but Loomis was able to keep the point as the race came to an end. Sabraski took the win with Loomis, Gullikson, Anderson and Wark as the top five drivers.


Tony Proell and Shawn Fletcher brought the Grand Casino WISSOTA Modifieds onto the track for the final feature of the night. Proell took the lead as the green flew, but Fletcher moved back to his side. Fletcher took the lead and Jeff Patchen grabbed second putting Proell in third. Shane Sabraski took third while Dustin Nelson and Larry Zeller passed Proell in the battle for fourth. Nelson and Zeller began to work Sabraski for third as Patchen’s car went over the tracks edge bringing the yellow out. Fletcher was first on the restart with Nelson and Sabraski behind him. Sabraski took second and Zeller grabbed third while Dave Cain challenged Nelson for fourth. Cain grabbed the track’s low groove and took over fourth, then third, and finally moved next to Sabraski for second. Sabraski tried to hold second, but Cain was quicker and took the point. Cain then chased down Fletcher for the lead, and again Cain went to the low side of the track. Cain made the pass and took the lead with Fletcher, Sabraski and Zeller behind him. Sabraski moved next to Fletcher for second and took the point as Fletcher’s motor began making a loud knocking sound. The yellow then flew and the drivers were realigned with Cain alone in the lead and Fletcher and Sabraski behind him. As they green flew and the drivers sped off, Fletchers motor died and Zeller ended up plowing into him. The yellow flew and unfortunately Zeller and fletcher were unable to race. The restart order was Cain with Justin Jones and Sabraski behind him. Jones took second as the green flew with Sabraski, Brett Hoium and Patchen in top points. Cain continued to speed away and took the checkers with a comfortable lead of 1.58 seconds over Jones in second.


With only five nights of racing left at the Princeton Speedway, there are more fun nights to come. Next Friday night will be sponsored by Moon Motor Sports, then the following weekend is the Mille Lacs County fair, and Kids Night will be on August 17. Make sure you plan a night to come out to the Princeton Speedway before the 2012 season is done.



WISSOTA Modifieds

Feature- Dave Cain, Justin Jones, Shane Sabraski, Brett Hoium, Jeff Patchen, Dustin Nelson, Ryan Canon, Eric Bjorklund, Tony Proell, Larry Zeller, Shawn Fletcher, Kris Peterson

Heat 1- Canon, Zeller, Cain, Fletcher, Jones, Hoium

Heat 2- Sabraski, Nelson, Patchen, Proell, Peterson, Bjorklund


WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature- Shane Sabraski, Mike Loomis, Dan Gullikson, Josh Anderson, Chris Wark, Kevin Hager, Adam Ayotte, Dexton Koch, Kyle Robideau, Tim Patchen

Heat 1- Gullikson, Wark, Robideau, Koch, Patchen

Heat 2- Anderson, Hager, Loomis, Sabraski, Ayotte


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature- Bud Martini, Ryan Bowers, Jeremy Nelson, Shane Sabraski, Tim Siercks, Dave Siercks, Cory Bauman, Chad Fouquette, Mike Kyllonen, Doug Frederick, Kyle Schmidt, George Sniezek, Colbie Gallipo, Justin Tanner, Randy Grams, Brian Standberg, Denis Czech, Gino Fontecchio, Zach Stewart

Heat 1- Nelson, D. Siercks, Bauman, Fouquette, Fontecchio, Schmidt, Sniezek

Heat 2- Martini, Bowers, Sabraski, Frederick, Stewart, Standberg

Heat 3- T. Siercks, Kyllonen, Tanner, Grams, Gallipo, Czech


WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature- Dave Read, Justin Pogones, Brad Schmidt, Behn Mensen, Ryan Kostreba, Pat Zerfas, Jon Gunderson, Amanda Milbrandt, Kurt Becken, Dan Foss

Heat 1- Gunderson, Schmidt, Becken, Kostreba, Foss

Heat 2- Pogones, Mensen, Read, Zerfas, Milbrandt



Feature- Matt Staab, Josh Abrahamson, Troy Kuehl, Landon Atkinson, Dean Larson, Mitch Hribar, Logan Draack, Kyle Thell, Nick Jelacie, Dan Kastner, Ross Mead, Brandon Lindquist, Corry VanMil

Heat 1- Abrahamson, Larson, Hribar, Atkinson, Draack, Kastner, Jelacie

Heat 2- VanMil, Kuehl, Staab, Thell, Mead, Lindquist  


Princeton Hornets: Lexy Kastner, Jake Nicholson, Gabby Volkers, Lindsay Zerfas, Courtney Murray, Abby Garin, Lexi Gallagher, Clay Blosberg