Primary Election: Nolan to challenge Cravaack; Knox edges Thiessen

Results from last night’s primary elections have been tallied.

The three county commissioner primary election finals are as follows:

District 3 (City of Milaca, Milaca and Page townships): incumbent Phil Peterson earned 147 votes; challenger Laurie Gahm had 130 votes and Phillip Eggen received 127. Gahm will have to close the 17-vote gap in November to unseat Peterson.

District 4 (Cities of Bock and Onamia, Bogus Brook, Borgholm, Dailey, Hayland, Mudgett, Bradbury, Onamia and Lewis townships): incumbent Roger Tellinghuisen easily gained the favor of residents with 236 votes. His closest challenger, Greg McQuay will face Tellinghuisen in the general elections by earning 88 votes, while Rick Savitski will not appear on November’s ballot with just 37 votes.

District 5 (Cities of Isle and Wahkon, Kathio, South Harbor, Isle Harbor and East Side townships): Incumbent Frank Courteau decided not to run this year. David Oslin has a healthy lead in the run-up to the generals with 236 votes. He will face Bill Hill who earned 111 votes, while Katie Vivant, who had just 82 votes, will not be in the competition.

State Sen. Dave Brown, who ran for the Republican ticket unopposed, received 1,477 votes, while Democratic challengers Sally Knox earned 975 votes and Roy Thiessen 586 ballots. Knox will go on to face Brown in the general elections in November.

State Rep. Sondra Erickson faced no Republican primary challengers and neither did her opponent, DFLer Joe Walsh.

In the U.S. House of Representatives District 8 primary, Republican Chip Cravaack did not face a fellow GOP challenger and received 18,683 votes. DFL challengers Rick Nolan earned 20,258 votes, Jeff Anderson tallied 15,590, and Tarryl Clark had 16,507. Nolan will go on to campaign against Cravaack for the general elections.

For the U.S. Senate race, Sen. Amy Klobuchar faced three DFL challengers. Klobuchar soundly beat Jack Shepard (1,424 votes), Dick Franson (1,964 votes) and Darryl Stanton (1,358 votes) with 47,525 votes for the incumbent. Klobuchar will go on to face Independent challenger Stephen Williams, who won his primary against Glen Anderson Menze by 192 votes. Sen. Klobuchar also faces Republican opponent Kurt Bills, who, with 7,491 votes beat out fellow GOP contenders David Carlson (6,993 votes) and Bob Carney, Jr. (2,627 votes).