City Council briefs

The Princeton City Council conducted the following business at its Aug. 9, 2012, meeting. The news items were compiled by Joel Stottrup


Payment to contractor

The council approved paying a bill of $1,202,007.11 to Rice Lake Construction Group for recent work on expanding the city’s wastewater plant to triple its processing capacity. This is a partial payment on a revised contract amount of $10,302,944. The value of the work completed on the project, which is 84.4 percent, is close to $8,695,430.

City Administrator Mark Karnowski told the council that an engineer with the consulting engineering firm SEH had told him that the expansion could be done in time for the expanded plant to go on line Sept. 14.

Karnowski added that there will only be a few weeks to repair any problems in the expanded wastewater facilities. With a project like this costing about $15 million, “we’d like to think everything will work,” Karnowski said.


More donations for rehab project

The council passed Resolution 12-55 accepting four more donations toward the cost of rehabilitating the city civic center building. The donations are $193.70 from various people attending a recent downtown block party, $20 from Shelly Anderson, $24 from state Rep. Sondra Erickson, and $20 from Gary Whitcomb.


Pay raise

The council, under the consent agenda, approved a step 3 pay increase for public works employee Chris Klinghagen to make it $20.03 per hour effective Aug. 29, 2012.