Taste of graduation planned for incoming freshmen, seniors

Graduation for the Princeton High School Class of 2013 won’t be until next June, and won’t be for another four years for this year’s freshmen class.

But Princeton Public School administrators plan to give a taste of graduation to both the PHS freshmen and senior classes just after the new school year begins.

Administrators will be conducting an abbreviated graduation ceremony of sorts, notes PHS Principal Pete Olson and PHS Assistant Principal/Activities Director Darin Laabs.

Laabs said that the event will happen for the freshmen class on Sept. 5 and that it will likely be the day that the seniors will have their graduation sample.

Olson talked about the event a bit, saying the freshmen and seniors will be walking over a walkway and meeting school district administrators as if they were receiving their diplomas during the real graduation ceremony. This mini graduation, notes Laabs, will include a few talks from administrators, to motivate the students to do their best with their remaining school days.

The freshmen will be reminded that in four years some of them will emerge as a valedictorian, salutatorian, and class speaker, and that some could become state champions in school activities.

The administrators will remind the seniors that there are a limited number of days left before they graduate and will review what they need to do by then to graduate, Laabs said.