86-year-old man dies in Princeton crash

An 86-year-old Princeton man died at the scene of a single motor vehicle crash north of Princeton on Brickton Road on Wednesday, Aug. 29.

The victim was identified as Richard Modeen, the driver of a pick-up that collided with a large tree after Modeen’s vehicle went off a corner near 3976 Brickton Road.

Roy Volk of Princeton called 911 and reported the crash at 7:48 a.m. on Aug. 29 on a corner north of 3976 Brickton Road, Princeton.

Rescue efforts were unsuccessful and Modeen died at the scene of the crash, according to Mille Lacs County Sheriff Brent Lindgren.

Ray Garbacz, a resident along Brickton Road, reported seeing Modeen’s crashed pickup against the tree that morning.

Tracks at the scene show what appear to have been a vehicle swerving as it drove north and into the path of the right side of the tree looking north. The tree stands on the inside corner of a sharp turn in the gravel road.

Mille Lacs deputies,investigators, Princeton Police, Princeton firefighters and North Ambulance responded.

Modeen was active in the Princeton Lions Club, Princeton Habitat for Humanity, was a member of Princeton Golf Club and Princeton Trinity Lutheran Church. He was an active member of cribbage groups in Princeton.