Letter: New lunch infringes on rights

This is in regards to the article about the new lunch program.

I complained to the school last week that my daughter was being denied her constitutional right to eat whatever she pleased.

What is wrong with people?  Don’t they see that this nothing other than more control over our personal lives?

Do we really need the government to tell us what to eat?  Is it nutritious, sounds like it.   Do we have fat kids, certainly.

But it is our jobs, as parents, to educate our children about nutrition at home.

It is not the government’s job to do that. They are taking the stance that they are better at raising our children than we are. That is just wrong. What is next?  Will they close down every  McDonalds in our country, take salt out of the grocery stores, limit the amount of meat we can buy, fine us if we don’t have a certain amount of vegetables and fruit in our shopping cart?

Will a new government Department of the Grocery rules be created  to police grocery stores?  Sounds far-fetched?

If they can control our kids we just may be next.  That is the problem with this new lunch menu.

It is not how it tastes bad or tastes good. It is not about taste at all. It is that people are being robbed of their freedom of choice.

Big Brother is making it for them.  I find this to be a huge infringement on the students and faculty’s constitutional rights.


Rick, Joanne and Katrina Carpenter,