Rev. Britt is Wrong on Voter ID

Our organization has been researching voter fraud in Minnesota for over four years.  We also helped to author the Voter ID amendment that will be on this November’s ballot.  Rev. Donald E. Britt’s recent letter on Voter ID was so flawed that I felt obligated to respond and set the record straight:

FACT: Minnesota has the most voter fraud convictions of any state in recent history – these are not our numbers, they are the numbers from the Minnesota judicial clerk.

FACT: A recent study by the Center for the American Experiment shows that Minnesota taxpayers could save over $1 million each election cycle due to efficiencies realized by implementing Voter ID.

FACT: No one will be denied an ID card.  The Voter ID amendment requires the state to provide a free ID to anyone who needs one. Minnesota already has a variance process for obtaining state-issued identification in situations in which the applicant lack documentation or has religious objections.  Finally, charitable groups are already beginning to step forward to offer assistance to anyone who needs a ride to a DMV center.  We would like to invite Rev. Britt to volunteer.

FACT: Claims that some voters will be disenfranchised by Voter ID are completely without merit.  When opponents tried to make this claim against the Indiana Voter ID law, the US Supreme Court found there was no evidence of disenfranchisement.  A similar ruling was made by a Georgia court after the implementation of their Voter ID law.  Voter participation has actually increased in other states that have recently issued Voter ID laws, like Indiana and Georgia.  The claim that thousands of people will be denied the right to vote is patently false.

These are all verifiable facts that can be found on our website at  Rev. Britt may would be wise to check his facts before lending his good name to activists’ talking points.


Jeff Davis, President,

Minnesota Majority, Minneapolis