Baldwin Township Board briefs: Sept. 18 meeting

Open Forum for Citizens

Resident Christi Miller talked with the board about the road in front of her driveway. Apparently, the road is about three inches higher than her driveway.

“I am not even asking for a special trip, just when the grader is out, could he cut this back for me? This is something that has gone on for years for me. Until a more permanent solution can be found, could your cut it down 3 or 4 inches?”

“As soon as it rains, we’ll talk to him. We will instruct our guy to do that for you,” Supervisor Larry Handshoe said.

n Gene Nitz, 287th Avenue, addressed the board regarding the speed limit near his home.

“We need speed limits back down to 15 miles per hour,” he said, noting that there are small children playing in the neighborhood.

“We can talk to the state and they will make a determination, other than that, our hands are tied,” Board Chair Jay Swanson said.


Variance on Sandy Lake

The Baldwin Township board discussed, at length, a variance for a new residence on Sandy Lake. The plan is to remove the existing residence and replace it with a new one. The problem with the plan centers on the septic system – which is planned to go under a township road. In the end, the board approved the variance with comments. The board would like to see a hold-harmless agreement for the township stating that they are not responsible for any of the engineering costs or any other costs for the project.

In other business:

n The board approved a list of election judges.

n The board approved hiring a maintenance helper (up to 32 hours per week) to get ready for the Fun Fest, elections and winter.

n Supervisor Kimberly Good pointed out that the official board policy is to limit public comment to three minutes. “We are going to try to keep to that,” she said.