Princeton students outpace state peers in science

Princeton students are achieving at levels above the state average in science.

That’s the word from the Minnesota Department of Education, which has released the results of the annual Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) tests.

Princeton students enrolled in science outscored their peers across the state by six percent,” Superintendent Richard Lahn told members of the Princeton School Board at their August 25 meeting.

“That means our kids are more proficient on state standards. That’s significant and we’re very happy with those results,” Lahn told the Union-Eagle.

Princeton students exceed the state average at every grade level tested.

“We exceeded the state average across the board,” Lahn said.

The news comes on the heals of the July release of math and reading test scores that showed students in the Princeton School District had double-digit improvements on standardized math tests and impressive gains in their reading abilities.

The test scores are big news for both administrators and teachers in the Princeton School District.

“Our goal of all testing is to be at or above the state average,” Lahn said.

In Princeton, that goal was met.

The improving test scores show two things, Lahn said.

One is that the school district’s curriculum is aligned well with state standards. Princeton students are learning the material that the state is testing them on, Lahn said. Second, test scores show that the district’s teaching methods are solid because the district is seeing the results that it desires, he said.

Lahn said it’s not easy to improve test scores from year to year and the results show the commitment of both the school staff and the students.

“The tests are continually changing, and as the test results increase, so does the difficulty of the tests,” Lahn said.

“This was a concentrated effort across the board,” Lahn said.

“We’re pleased to say that we not only have met our goals, but we have maintained them,” he said.